Comedy Night

Comedy Night

Molecule Showbar Laugh ‘en Dance

If you like your ribs tickled or to simply bust a gut laughing, come to Comedy Night at Thaba Moshate.

Laugh ‘en Dance with Chik Aljoy

19 December 2019 |  21h00
Entrance is free
Molecule Showbar


Chik Aljoy is the Africa's first black ventriloquist and he at a fast pace becoming a force to be reckoned with in the South African comedy space. His puppet character Jackie has bagged him standing ovations across different theatres and comedy clubs from Vernac to English stages.  Some of the social media reviews describe Chik as the funniest African comedian with a puppet. The puppet, in his own words, says he is the FUN in dysfunctional and his journey has not started yet, it's only the beginning.

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