Inside Track predicts that these slots are likely to pay out. Due to random probability, this forecast is merely a guide and cannot guarantee a Jackpot payout. The machines listed appear in no particular rank.

8 July 2020

Area Machine No Demonination Game Name
Non-Smoking 10402 10 cent I Heart TPL Diamond 3R20L
Non-Smoking 10404 10 cent Triple Double Diamond Free Gam
Non-Smoking 10503 Multi-Denom APEX-EV002
Non-Smoking 10805 1 Rand Red Eye Nickel
Non-Smoking 10904 5 cent Wheels Go Round ORB Legend Bul
Smoking 20103 1 Rand Gogga
Smoking 20105 1 Rand Double Jackpot
Prive-Smoking 30101 5 cent Chilli Chill Fire
Prive-Smoking 30208 1 Rand Geisha
Prive-Smoking 30503 25 Rand Roosters Riches
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